Collaborative Cost Management


Project Owner(s):

  • To know the overall cost status​
  • To understand the cost impact of scope changes​
  • To understand the cost impact of labour, raw material, etc. indexes
  • To know which costs belong to each Project Owner​

Main Contractors and Engineering Companies:

  • To combine parties' cost data together​​
  • To forecast costs together based on up-to-date cost data​​
  • To provide meaningful cost reports to Project Owner(s)


  • ZoneAlliance provides common way for project parties to monitor and forecast costs​​
  • Project Owners gets transparent information regarding project costs
  • Main Contractors and Engineering companies can forecast costs together​
  • User specific roles ensure that
    • Sufficient information is available for all parties
    • Sensitive target cost data is protected​


  • Target costs are known by project parties​​
  • Actual costs are updated on daily basis and shared with project parties
  • All cost changes and reasons behind them are visible to project parties​
  • Common way to forecast costs​
  • Common way to report costs to Project Owner(s)​
  • Less email traffic​