Installed Base


  • Global corporation has an installed base, containing millions of equipment all over the world
  • Service and maintenance business is one core element of their business today​​
  • Legacy IT systems were not designed for field technicians, sales managers or non-technical/non-engineer, therefore the equipment’s information was unavailable for the majority of key persons in the service business​


  • ZoneViewer was used to design and implement a new process driven solution for the field technicians​​​
    • Requirement analysis
    • Prototyping​
    • Pilot
  • Field technician is now able to browse any equipment globally and find latest and accurate information


  • Key business data available for right user groups​​
  • New opportunities to benefit from existing and new information assets
  • Fast and easy implementation​
  • Reuse existing data, no overlapping solution creation​​
  • Moderate investment, no new enterprise platform​