Payment and Changes


Project Owner:

  • Lack of visibility in general​
  • Unpleasant surprises with late notice​
  • Insufficient documentation of decisions​

Main Contractor:

  • Incomplete work is being invoiced​​
  • Handling changes is time consuming ​
  • Lost revenue due to forgotten decisions​


  • Payment are delayed due to unclear work status​​​
  • Complaints regarding changes invoiced without prior decision


  • ZoneSight provides common processes for project parties to handle payments and changes
  • Project Owner gets transparent information regarding project progress and associated cost
  • Main Contractor has control over all payments and changes
  • Sub-contractor has:
    • a clear process to get approval for payments​
    • a common way to propose changes and provide quotation


  • Everyone sees same information​​
  • All payment approvals are documented​
  • Up-to-date information on changes​​
  • Reminder to invoice end-customer​​
  • Easy to compare payments and invoices​​
  • Fewer credit notes​
  • Beneficial in the financial review of project​​
  • Less email traffic​

Collaborative Workspace: