• Sales organization needs uptodate information of customer’s deliveries and equipments as well product details​
  • Core information of products and installed equipments are stored in the PLM system
  • PLM system is designed for R&D engineers and has a very complex user access and role management layer​
  • They (sales) have no time and competence to use complex corporate systems​​
  • Customization of PLM system user interface would be expensive and against IT architecture strategy​


  • ZoneViewer solution consolidates both active and legacy product information to user-friendly views​
  • ZoneViewer is embedded into the sales tool (CRM) and there is no need to learn new tool and process
  • Sales team can easily find right product specifications without involving Engineering​
  • Information needed was already existing, ZoneViewer made it available with an easy and fast way​


  • Sales organization is using the newest and most uptodate information
  • Sales staff can have more time for customers and selling​
  • Sales person is able to create more accurate offers to customers​
  • Recognizing and finding new opportunites is easier and faster
  • No need for another new major IT investment or heavy integration of two complex systems​​