Supplier Collaboration


  • Global OEM manufacturing company had hundreds of suppliers which were in the key position in their fast speed configure to order –process.
  • Design and Manufacturing BOMs were available in the global PDM system and Purchase order with all financial details was handled via ERP based collaboration.
  • Challenge was to manage supplier’s access to PDM system and suppliers capability to use the very complex and messy PDM system and data​
  • Both companies had to spend hours of manual work to find the specific order’s data from the PDM
  • Order processing on the supplier side was delayed due the missing information
  • Company had to pay and manage extra PDM licenses for the suppliers access and also their access to global intranet
  • Also the PDM system had some serious data protection issues, which let the supplier see and access private or secure data


  • Information shared with Supplier like MBOM, drawings, measurement sheets, certifications or any other written document is now shared with Supplier via ZoneMittal solution​​​
  • ZoneMittal is very easy to integrate with any platform via REST API interface
  • OEM can track whether the supplier has received and read the information​
  • Engineering change –cases can be tracked with where used –queries
  • All information to supplier can be delivered in one manageable package with tracing and secure features​


  • OEM can trace when, who and what information Supplier has downloaded /viewed from the ZoneMittal​​​
  • No more delays due the missing or lost order information
  • Supplier does not need to access complex OEM’s PDM system​​
  • Moderate investment, no new enterprise platform, no new major license cost or system customizations​