Service Description Overview

The development or project management teams of companies (or public organizations) usually create, modify and maintain product or project data in their core systems. There is a growing need to provide easy online access to product or project data to be shown to other user groups in their home systems. For example, sales teams typically use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to manage sales activities (leads, meetings, proposals, agreements, etc.).

Service teams are interested in understanding the scope of new deployments or the installed base of specific customer. Finance people are keen on monitoring the profitability of specific product, project or customer. Finally, companies may need to show product or project data to different external interest groups (customers, subcontractors, partners, authorities, regulatory bodies, etc.).​

The ZoneViewer product is specifically developed to retrieve product or project data from various data sources like PLM, ERP, CRM systems and show it as embedded views in the home systems of different user groups.

Use Cases

Installed Base

Share your existing installed base data by fast and easy implementation. Moderate investment, no new enterprise platform.


Open product information to your sales people in an easy to use format. Speed up communication between Sales and R&D.​​

Manufacturing and Spare parts

Make it easy to share your manufacturing and spare part data to all sites in your company. Easy search for spare parts, bill of materials, documentation etc.​