Corporation has typically a huge amount of information in their enterprise level systems and this information is growing faster than ever.​ And not only the information and data is growing but also the number of changes in the information is increasing. Information today or hour ago is already history, your employees need accurate and UpToDate information.​​

Despite of the amount, only small piece of information is available and accessible for the users.​

PLM-Zone Oy has simple, dynamic and reliable systems and tools to make your data available and accessible to all your partner, inside or outside your company.​

Use Cases

Installed Base

Share your existing installed base data by fast and easy implementation. Moderate investment, no new enterprise platform.


Open product information to your sales people in an easy to use format. Speed up communication between Sales and R&D.​​

Manufacturing and Spare parts

Make it easy to share your manufacturing and spare part data to all sites in your company. Easy search for spare parts, bill of materials, documentation etc.​

Supplier Collaboration

Share your product data and documents in a controlled and easy way.